Photograph gallery - terms and conditions

As part of our research we want to learn about people's experiences of visiting cathedrals and/or going to them on pilgrimage. One way of investigating this question is through photographs. We would therefore welcome photographs taken in and around any of England's cathedrals showing aspects of these places which you have found particularly meaningful.

These terms and conditions set out:

  • What we can and can't accept
  • How we will use your images and information
  • Whether we can contact you

What we can and can't accept

We cannot accept images of people who can be recognized in your pictures, unless you have obtained permission from the people represented. By sending in the image you are indicating that you have obtained such permission.

How we will use your images and information

Once uploaded your images and their associated captions will be published in the website gallery. If you would prefer your images not to be published in the gallery you can indicate this on the image upload form by leaving the relevant tickbox unticked.

Alongside any published images we will ALWAYS include a copyright attribution based on the name you have provided - eg. © John Smith.

Whether we can contact you

The image upload form allows you to provide an email address. We will use this email address to contact you if there are any problems with your uploads, or if we need to clarify any details.

However, we may also wish to contact you with regard to your images as part of our ongoing research on pilgrimage. You may state your preference on whether you are willing be contacted or not using the tickbox on the image upload form: if you would prefer not to be contacted, leave the box unticked.

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